A Basics of Civil Engineering Drawing is the pictorial representation of any physical thing that may be a part of a machine, a building, a dam, or any other elaborate structure. It is possible to explain the shape of some simple objects in words, but not complex ones. It doesn’t matter how long or detailed a book is in describing a building’s shape, the reader will still be unable to see it. Words cannot accurately convey an object’s shape, leaving only three options: photos, models, and drawings.

Even if a dense book is written to describe the shape of a structure, the reader will be unable to visualize the exact shape of that building with all of its tiny nuances. It is safe to say that describing the shape of an object in words is nearly impossible, leaving just three options: camera images, models, and drawings.

Drawing instruments are used to draw straight lines, circles, and curves accurately concisely. The drawing tools are like the drawing board, mini drafter, instrument box containing compass, divider, etc.. set squares, protractor, french curves, drawing sheet, pencils, erasers.

About the author of Basics of Civil Engineering Drawing:

Zahid Ahmad Siddiqui

Zahid Ahmad Siddiqi, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. He is the author of the previous edition of this book published in 1992 besides various editions of four more books on subject titles “Steel Structures”, “LRFD Steel Design Aids”, “Concrete Structures, Part-I” and “Concrete Structures, Part-II”. Also has a teaching, research, and practical design experience of almost 27 years. Zahid Ahmad Siddiqui has vast experience of teaching undergraduate and graduate students of Civil Engineering. And is actively involved in the field design of sizeable concrete and steel structures. Learn more about him.

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