Hi, my name is Wahaab Siddique and here in this article, I’m going to show you exactly how you can get your custom E-mail address for free using Yandex Mail.

First of all, we should know about Yandex Mail.

What is Yandex Mail?

Yandex.Mail is a free email service that offers unlimited online message storage. Functions such as message templates, reminders, e-cards, and keyboard shortcuts make Yandex.Mail an appealing alternative to services like Gmail.

Benefit of using Yandex Mail

The users of the Yandex’s email service for domain owners can benefit from all the features available to the users of the Yandex.Mail service, such as a modern interface, spam protection and unlimited space. The email service for domain owners is accessible online or via email clients Outlook.

Now, lets start with the beginning.

Go to this link and then click on Try Out at the top right corner of the screen.

custom E-mail address

then from here a pop-up window will open and will ask you to signup.

After the signup process is completed a new pop-up will show up.

custom E-mail address

Enter the name of the business and click on signup.

after this process, what you have to do is under the services page there will be a box named webmaster then click on add a domain.

custom E-mail address

After this, a new pop-up will show up and will ask you to add your domain.

Simply enter the domain name and click on add.

custom E-mail address

After this, you have to verify the ownership of the domain name that you have provided right now. On the DNS Management section in Yandex. There are some entries that you have to put them to your domain name service provider’s DNS Management page.

custom E-mail address

Simply go to your Domain name service provider and look for the DNS management section or in case of C-panel there will be a section named Zone Editor. Simply click on it and add the entries.

When you have finished adding the entries, go back to the Yandex dashboard and refresh the page. Hooray, your domain must be verified, if not, then check your entries and try again.

Then from here, go click on the mail button at the left of the screen or simply go to http://admin.yandex.com.

custom E-mail address

After this you’ll be redirected to Yandex admin panel as shown in the figure below.

custom E-mail address

Now, click on the ‘Add users’ button to add a new user. As in my case I am going to make a new email address like newuser@wahaabsiddique.com

Now, a new pop-up will show up and add the First and Last name of the user and the username you want to add. Then, add a new password for the user and enter the position of the user. As in my case, I’m going to add this user as a member, you can also add a user as an admin, so, I’ll write member in this section and then select the gender and the language for the new user.

custom E-mail address

and then click on Save. Now, the new user has been added to your account. And now on, you can send and receive emails through this custom email address.

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Wahaab Siddique
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